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About This Blog

The contents of this blog can be categorized in many ways: originality, subject matter and purpose.

Although many entries in this blog are original material written by me, it doesn’t pretend to contain only what I write. It will contain regurgitation of what I have seen and heard, and sometimes my interpretation of it. It often contains links to other material I find interesting and inspiring.

Topics covered in this blog necessarily reflect my personal interest – management, leadership, marketing, music, literature, philosophy, humour and current affairs. To avoid attracting cyber suicide bombers, I try to steer clear of contentious and emotional topics such as religion and politics.

Quite apart from satisfying a thirst for writing and expressing myself, I maintain this blog to share my thoughts with others of a like mind on topics dear to my heart, in the hope of stimulating further discussion.

Equally important, this blog enables my friends and acquaintances to track what’s on my mind. It’s not quite a blow-by-blow account of my latest activities, but is a far superior surrogate.

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