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Since the purpose of this blog is about sharing, I will gladly publish your comments, positive and negative alike, unless they contain profanities or other material which in my judgment may offend other visitors.

However, if you prefer to send me feedback privately, please send a message to: alanayu@gmail.com and I will respond to you directly.



1. robert rooks - September 2, 2013

Alan, it has been far too long since I visited your blog and read your views, commentary and insights have reminded me that not all on the wonderful world wide web is “spiced ham” except for the recent email I received explaining that I am the sole beneficiary to my Great Aunts fortune in some far flung land and that if I provide my name, passport number, DOB by return etc I will get an instant deposit of USD$10mln into my account, it must be my luck day!

The wonders of ‘spiced ham”

Keep up the good work.



Alan Yu - September 4, 2013

Thank you, Robert, for dropping by my blog. I greatly appreciate your supportive comments. Alan

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