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Summary of a talk by futurist John Naisbitt at an AustCham regional conference – www.alanayu.wordpress.com March 4, 2010

Posted by Alan Yu in Miscellaneous.
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John Naisbitt the futurist held a discussion session at the AustCham Regional Conference.  The gist of his talk:

          The Western representative democracy model is essentially “horizontal” with two parties slugging it out every few years

          This model has been rendered dysfunctional and inoperative by the information revolution

          An alternative “vertical” model is developing in Asia and China in which an interplay between top-down directions and bottom-up initiatives enables progress

          The “West” doesn’t understand that China and Asia will never accept the rules it imposes on them

          The success of the US lies partly in its ability to replenish the talent pool with immigrants

          Europe is on a path of mutually assured decline

          The “West” needs to seriously consider how to improve conditions in Africa – an impoverished Africa will not be good for the world

          China today is a country with no ideology, but it appreciates that it needs to change its educational system to engender more innovation

          The coming decade will be fantastic for Asia

          Based on the 10 to 1 ratio in direct foreign investment in China vs. India, China’s development will be a lot faster than India’s

          You don’t get results by solving problems, but by exploiting opportunities

          Australia needs to decide whether it is part of the “west” or Asia and act as a bridge between the two