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Who Is Behind This Blog

My name is Alan Yu. I’m an occasional concert reviewer for http://www.Bachtrack.com.

An accidental manager of diverse businesses, often referred to as “dog’s breakfasts”, I have worked in commercial capacities in a number of different organisations in various industries and markets. As an ex-broadcaster and humanities graduate, my interests include culture in general, leadership, management, marketing, music, literature, language, philosophy, and current affairs.

I am a student and observer of how human beings communicate with one another and how changes in the world take shape through human interaction. My natural curiosity leads me to explore and experiment with new ways of thinking and getting jobs done. I also love seeing the lighter side of (most) things, especially when I’m not a victim of the circumstance!

A typical jack of all trades and master of none, I have some superficial knowledge of many topics, but my attention span has never been long enough for me to dig deep into one subject and become an expert in it. At best, I’m a casual observer and amateur commentator; at worst, I’m an ignoramus with an attitude. I was even once a theatre apprentice, but gave it up long ago in response to much more pressing needs for survival.

Keeping in touch with people – keeping abreast of what they think and updating them on what I think – gives me satisfaction. Part genuine concern for what happens to people, and part showing off what I know, this penchant for keeping in touch has enabled me to maintain many relationships for a long time.

I first developed my own web page in the middle of the 90s, soon after the internet became a popular means of human interaction. I have been fascinated by technological advances which have enabled us to achieve what would have been unthinkable only twenty years ago, with rapidly increasing immediacy.

I refuse to be defined by my job, social status, material possessions and knowledge, all of which can increase or decrease depending on decisions I make at different times. I only want to be identified by my ability, or inability as the case may be, to think, and to change in light of new thoughts. I live in the true spirit of philosophy – love of knowledge or wisdom.


1. Jon Geissel (@Jonbg1) - September 27, 2011

Glad to learn more about you, Alan. One thing I know for sure about you, you are one of the nicest tweeps in the twitterverse and I’m glad to know you. 🙂

Alan Yu - September 27, 2011

Dear Jon, Thank you for dropping by my blog and giving me such encouraging comments. I know you have an interest in classical music. You may want to visit this as well: http://www.bachtrack.com/reviews/list/3479

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